Our Donors

We thank the many investors and donors who make our work possible. Because of you, students’ lives are being changed every day! 

When donors invest in Umoja, their support has a direct and immediate impact on our students, teachers, schools, and communities. Umoja is possible because of the generous support of the following foundations and corporations. We invite you to join this group. If we may answer questions or provide additional information about contributing to Umoja, please contact Tessa Zevallos, tzevallos(at)umojacorporation.org.

Read about two of our donors, Betsy and Mark Westhoff.

Read about the involvement of another family, the Heibergers.

Hear from Steve Fortier on his partnership with Umoja.

Find out why Umoja is important to Evan Newton.


(Received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016)

$50,000 or more

Anonymous Family Foundation


The Chicago Community Trust

Cook County Justice Advisory Council

The Crown Family

Klimczak Foundation Education Fund

The Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation

MB Financial Charitable Foundation

Mcdougal Family Foundation

Paul M. Angell Foundation

Polk Bros. Foundation

Speh Foundation


Chicago Blackhawks Community Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund

Field Foundation of Illinois

Generation All

Michael Reese Health Trust

Steans Family Foundation

Topfer Family Foundation 

WGN Radio Neediest Kids Fund


Aon Foundation

Backstop Foundation

Chicago White Sox Community Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund


John R. Houlsby Foundation

Kenilworth Union Church


Peoples Gas

The PrivateBank

W.P. & H.B. White Foundation


Under $10,000

Adams Street Partners

Albany Park Neighborhood Council

Anderson & Shah Roofing, Inc.


Apogee Services, Inc.

Augustana Henze Fund

Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Family Charitable Trust

AT&T Illinois

Bi Design LLC

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of IL

BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Boston Consulting Group

CDW Corporation

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

DLA Piper

Fortress Investment Group LLC

Generations Fund

Gertrude B. Nielsen Charitable Trust

Grand Appliance

H.W. Wilson Foundation

Kohl Feinerman Family Charitable Trust


Mulvihill Family Foundation

New Frontiers Foundation

Northern Trust

Pierce Family Charitable Foundation

Prince Charitable Trusts


The Retirement Research Foundation

Robert Okin Foundation

Siragusa Foundation

W.W. Grainger, Inc.


(Received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016)

Unity Circle: $2,500 or more

Maria and Nathan Amoruso

Bill Benton 

Becky and Steve Betts

Priscilla and Cliff Christians

David Cunningham

April and Jeff Diehl

Steve Fleischman

Susan Aiken Fortier and Steve Fortier

Marin and Kate Gjaja

Linda and Chuck Glew

Sabrina Guthrie

Lara and John D. Heiberger

Maureen and Colin Kebo

Sharon Lindstrom

Elizabeth and Evan Newton

Ken Okin

Jenna Plese

Kelly Schaefer

Robin Steans

Danny Strauss

Ellen and Jerry Upton

Anne Murdoch and Michael Walker

Susan White


Unity Circle: $1,000- $2,499

Donald Allen

Ben Bronson

Dan Krohm and Lindsay Chim

Marisa Novara and Ted Christians

Mike and Jennifer Ciok

Angela S. and Darryl Cobb

Greg Darnieder

Lynn and Peter Denberg

Amy Downey

Tom McDougal and Sarah Duncan

Kellee and William Eavenson

Antonio and Elaine Garcia

Nancy and Mark Garrigus

Nancy and David Gehlbach

Jen Bierman and Jim Griffin

Valerie Avery and Melvin Hargrett

Holly Harralson

Tim and Nancy Hoying

Jennifer Steans and Jim Kastenholz

Maria and Tom Keefe

Gail and Jerry Klopfer

Emily and John Kos

John Risko and Lila Leff

Gail and Robert Loveman

Christine and Drew Mitchell

Michael and Angie Murray

Jeanne and Barry Nohalty

Dan O'Neill

Deborah Quazzo

Sara and Eric Salzman

Nancee Siegel and Ken Schmetterer

Katherine Schulte

Chirag Shah

Lynn Stetson

Barbara Von Molnar

Will Walden

Betsy and Mark Westhoff

Heather and John Williams

Nancy and Lawrence Wojcik

Thomas Zollo



Ellen and Michael Alter

Donna and John Borden

Visanji Chheda

Elizabeth Rizza And John Cimaroli

Meagan Novara and Tom Dennis

Marie Devlin

Arlene DeYoung

Anish Doshi

Carolyn Eggert

Anita Glencoe

Michael Grant

Joe Grossmann

Jayne Hultman

Steve and Angie Leedy

Maralynn Lindstrom

Michael Kraut/Lynne Madorsky Philanthropic Fund

Karen Melchert

Dori and Kwame Mensah

Alina and Brad Merrill

Brent and Laura Michel

Rick Moskovitz

Mulvihill Family Foundation

Molly And Mark O’Farrell

Pierce Family Charitable Foundation

Jan And Phil Reed

Steve Reynolds

Rebecca Russo

Martin Salzman

Nora Salzman

Marion Fluchere and Richard Schreiber

Blake Sercye

Dipak Shah

Jeanne Stewart

Erik Zaugg



Vincent Anderson


Nathaniel Banks

Nicole and Gerald Beechum

Wendy Freyer and Greg Beihl

John Berghorst

Frank and Mary Bleeker

Abena Boamah-Acheampong

Dan and Honey Bronson

Keecia Broy

Jaime Calder

Margaret and Doug Christians

Paul Christians

Colleen Cicchetti

Audrey Cole

Paula Conrad

Henry Conroe

Pamela Cytrynbaum

Gillian Darlow

Kristin Dean

Kathleen Denning

Jeremy De Silva

Dana Desjardins

Michael Dimitroff

Sheila Diombala

Lance Donenberg

Debbi and Aaron Dworin

Mario Earnest

Suzanne and Harry Eschel

Lisa and Matt Fasana

Phyllis Faulman

Robert Ferguson

Jacquelyn Fields-Kohn

Jayne Finch

Jennifer and Adam Finger

Sheila Finnegan

Peter Flynn

Susie and Art Fogel

Maureen and Jim Forhan

Michael Fortier

Lana and Thomas Geselbracht

Laura Gleason

Matthew Goedke

Bette and Homer Goldberg

Michael Goldberg

Thomas Golebiewski

Angela Gordon

Vivian Vahlberg and Richard Gordon

Alice Grant

Anthony Grant

Adrienne Grier

Rebecca Hammons

Marrietta Harrison

Joseph Harrow

Joel Hart

Sara Hays

Laura Hearn

Linda and Gary Heedum

Holly and Steve Hester

Luke Hill

Marvin Hoffman

Kevin Holl

George and Mary Ellen Holstein

Beth Horwitz

Richard Hubbard

Ryan Jalowiecki

Grace and Doug James

Karen Egerer and Richard Johnson

Harry Joseph

Bryan Kelly

Ellen Kennedy

Yvette Kennedy

Maria Kim

Kathryn Klein

Debbie Kobak

Andrew Kohn

George Koll

Brennen Simpson and Missy Kotchey

Mary Thomas and Greg Krohm

Marcia and Warren Kunstler

Michael Lawler

Dan Leahy

Doug Leff

Judy and Larry Leff

Michelle and David Leiter

Whitney Lesch

Kathy Kirn and David Levinson

Alison Lopez

Ed Siskin and Alison Lorber

David and Lindsay Lucas-Kamm

Adrianne Mazura

Andrew McMurtrie

Dr. Kofi and Mrs. Akua Mensah

John and Anne Merriman

Peter Mich

Kathryn and Bruce Miller

Christina Moore

Carol Mulvihill

Monica Mulvihill

Vivian Mumaw

Sonya Naar

Miriam and Corey Nelson

Sheila and Arthur Nielsen

Lucia Novara

Rosalie Novara

Jay Orlowski

Kris and Bill Osterbur

John and Katie Palmer

Julie and John Palmer

Michael and Suzanne Parks

Anne Pillion

Don and Martha Pollak

Jackson Potter

Presbyterian Church Of Western Springs

Lindsay and Josh Proctor
Lindsey and Ziva Rabushka 

Andrea and David Rahija

Mark Reppell

Carole and William Resnick

Laurie Riggin

Amy Riggins

Casey Jo Robertson

Gwendolyn and Dr. James B. Ross

Lois Sachs

Lauren Sartain

Judge Jack B. Schmetterer

Michelle and Oren Schumaker

Carrie Sear

Lee Selander

Sarah Shields

Whitney Shinkle

Loren Simmons

Justin Skolnick

Tony Smith

Stephanie Strait

Jane Sturgeon

Janet Summins

Maurice Swinney

Andres and Lori Tapia

Caryn Turgeon and Aubrie Tossmann

Katherine and Juergen Tossmann

Kris Torkelson and Charles Twichell

John Valencia

Lucas Vogel

Gail and Walter Willett

Candace Wilson

Jaclyn Winkel

Junko Yokota

Heather and Brennan Young

Marty Zafran

Christie Zielinski

Jonathan Zimbler

Dave Zydek