Alyssa Yokota-Lewis Restorative Justice Manager

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Alyssa Rei Yokota-Lewis joined Umoja in July 2015 and is currently a Restorative Justice Manager.  

Alyssa came to Restorative Justice (RJ) work through a profound drive to be a part of the solution against the school-to-prison pipeline.  Young people in her work have pushed her practice toward holistic supports, trauma-informed responses, and critical awareness of the school context.  Combined with her experience as a program and production coordinator, this creates a unique blend of youth expertise, adult coaching skills, collaborative leadership, and organizational development insight that she employs in all facets of her work.  Working from a positive youth development framework, her methodology with young people and the spaces they occupy focuses on creating a vibrant environment for youth and adults to heal and to build self-esteem, critical self-identity, and self-efficacy through social empowerment and strong relational skills.  It is her unique pleasure to now be supporting the incredible Umoja RJ team as a manager.