Marrissa Washington Social Emotional Learning Specialist

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Marrissa developed a passion for working with young people through various leadership and youth development summer camps at the YMCA of Greater Hartford.

After gaining a stronger academic foundation at the University of Chicago (1, Psychology) through a community focused lens, she learned how to look at the systematic and complex problems that exist in the Chicago community. Due to her dedication to the community, Marrissa received the University of Chicago Public Interest Program Fellowship and worked on college and career preparation and program evaluation for two Chicago high schools.

After 3 years of working with the Umoja Student Development Corporation and ACE Technical Charter High School, Marrissa wanted to continue her work with youth but gain a better understanding of how to implement organizational change from the bottom up. Marrissa joined the Class of 2016 at the Columbia School of Social Work while there Marrissa renewed her sense of; the dignity and worth of a person, integrity and keeping clients.

Along with her classroom training, Marrissa gained experience from her two internships; Federation for Employment and Guidance Services’ Youth Center and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity. Each organization taught her the importance of bottom up knowledge transfer in the midst of organizational change and maintaining client trust for the organization. Marrissa has now returned to Umoja Student Development Corporation as a SEL specialist, and is excited to work with DeVry University Advantage Academy!