Umoja offers high-quality curriculum for social and emotional learning and restorative disciplinary interventions through our 4-year high school Seminar Curriculum and our Disciplinary Intervention Curriculum.

Our Seminar Curriculum will be available for purchase online by Fall 2017. You can sign up to be notified when it is available or send your inquiries to curriculum(at)

Seminar Curriculum

The Umoja Seminar prepares students to thrive in high school and beyond. Our curriculum supports a daily course for 9th-12th graders, including over 500 lessons on a wide variety of topics. Each grade level provides units of instruction in How to ‘Do’ School, College and Career, Winning Behaviors, Healthy Choices, and Social Justice and Service Learning. Additionally, the course includes structures for individualized academic support and community building in the classroom. Units may be taught independently or as part of a multi-unit series.

Aligned with CCSS, ASCA, and Illinois State's SEL standards, the curriculum is crafted according to the principles of backward design and uses research-based practices that promote student-centered learning. Daily lessons include experiential activities, formative assessment possibilities, and opportunities for students to work both independently and collaboratively to build their skills and knowledge in preparation for each unit's performance assessment. Students in CPS receive course credit for Umoja Seminar and may also use the course to meet graduation requirements in Consumer Education, Health and Wellness, and Service Learning.


Download curriculum maps or review the table of contents to learn more about what each grade level experiences in Seminar:

9th Grade Curriculum Map

10th Grade Curriculum Map

11th Grade Curriculum Map

12th Grade Curriculum Map


Additional samples are available upon request.