Daivon Senior Student at South Shore International College Prep

ROTC cadet, manager of the Pom Pom team, and medical program student are just a few roles Daivon is learning to juggle as she begins her senior year at South Shore International College Preparatory High School (SSICP).

This vibrant young lady was first introduced to Umoja’s Peace Room because of an ongoing personal issue at school. Remembering her initial impressions of the Peace Room she shares, “At first I thought it wasn’t going to be useful, like how could they understand what I was talking about? I didn’t think that it would be as helpful. But once I got here I had a totally different view point. Ms. Elma (Umoja’s Restorative Justice Manager) helped me understand where the other person was coming from, and she helped her understand where I was coming from. By the end of the day we were on the same page.”

Based on her own experiences in the Peace Room, Daivon believes all schools should have a Peace Room which serves as an alternative to suspension. More often than not, students are suspended for fighting. Daivon exclaims, “That’s not solving any problems. You can come back from suspension and still get into a fight. The Peace Room allows you to talk things out and stay in school and come back the next day.” Developing a restorative mindset has been a life changing transformation for Daivon, from getting into numerous fights her freshman year to resolving conflicts in the Peace Room her junior year. Daivon hasn’t had to visit the Peace Room at all this year. She’s learned how to use Restorative Justice practices outside the Peace Room to deescalate conflicts with her peers as well as with her sister. Daivon currently lives with her sister who is ten years older. The age difference has caused some friction between the sisters, but Daivon has managed to restoratively handle family conflicts creating a stronger relationship between the two.

The ROTC cadet is looking forward to a few upcoming senior milestones including homecoming, prom, military ball and applying to college. Daivon dreams of attending Clark Atlanta University in Georgia to study Nursing or Business. She hasn’t decided just yet which path to take but is interested in becoming a registered nurse or opening up a hair salon. Until then, Daivon will continue to stay involved with extracurricular activities and keep focus on the moment she’s anticipating the most, graduation.