George Jackson Security Officer, Sullivan High School

Part of what makes Umoja's work unique is our work with partners across the entire school. Hear directly from one of our partners at Sullivan High School:

1. What is your role at Sullivan High School?

I’m a Security Officer at Sullivan High School. I’ve also been helping out with Tech Support and working as an After School Matters Liasion.

2. In what ways do you collaborate with the Peace Room?

I’m always working with the Peace Room. Brielle, Umoja’s Resorative Justice Specialist at Sullivan, has been a wonderful asset to us at Sullivan. She provides that additional support I need to help bring calm to more volatile situations. That support is huge when dealing with the needs and emotions of hundreds of kids throughout the day. I feel like the Peace Room is my FRIEND!

3. How does Umoja support you in your role? 

I see Umoja as a partner and not just an outside entity. They come in and support our teens as much as possible. I know when I’m dealing with multiple situations, I can call on the Peace Room as backup. I also know that when something is beyond my realm, I can call on them for their expertise.

4. How has Restorative Justice impacted the student body and the school culture? 

It has brought about a calm in the school. I’ve had so many kids come to me and say that the school is so much better than it was 2 years ago. Our kids don’t want to fight like in the past. They want to talk it out and get the perspective of the other person.

5. How does the Peace Room support students?

The Peace Room gives emotional support to our students. It also gives our students a place to blow off steam, talk about potentially hostile situations. Sometimes it serves as a quiet place to relax and meditate.

6. What do you love about your job? 

I love the fact that I can communicate and make a difference in the lives of our teens. It’s a tough task, but I believe if I can just change the mindset of a few, then I’ve done my job well.