Joshua Senior Student at Al Raby

The idea of becoming independent can be frightening for some students, but not Joshua. Joshua, currently a senior at Al Raby School for Community and Environment (Al Raby), is very much looking forward to furthering his education as he ventures off to college in the fall.

Joshua has found Umoja to be a critical resource in preparing him for post-secondary success. Two Senior Seminar lessons that made Joshua think about life through a different lens were learning how to stay on track when working toward achieving your goals despite unpredictable life experiences and thinking through what it means to be an independent adult.

Joshua will be attending Illinois State University in the fall although he was accepted to other universities including Eastern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, Chicago State University, Ball State University, Drake University and Bradley University – just to name a few! He was pleasantly surprised to receive a welcome package from Ball State University, as this was a school he considered a “reach.” But ultimately he has chosen Illinois State University since it is close to home and he’s already familiar with the campus. Illinois State University offers smaller class sizes compared to other universities, which was important to Joshua throughout his decision making process.

With dreams of starting his own business, Joshua plans on pursuing a degree in Marketing. He wants to gain knowledge of the business world so when he’s ready to head down the entrepreneur path, he’ll be well equipped to embark on that journey. He’s also considering pursuing a minor in Performing Arts. Joshua is passionate not only when it comes to furthering his education but also his personal talents. He enjoys singing and dancing and would love to find a way to mold his future degrees together. The young man hopes to run his own youth outreach organization that would offer a performing arts program.