Latrice Senior Student at Tilden

Latrice is a standout student among the Class of 2014 at Tilden Career Community Academy High School on the south side of Chicago. Latrice has a 3.5 GPA and is planning to attend either Northeastern Illinois University or Eastern Illinois University in the fall to major in Psychology.

Latrice first became familiar with Umoja when she attended the 2013 Umoja Spring Break College Tour for juniors. Latrice was among the first group of students from Tilden to attend an Umoja College Tour, and she says it was one of her favorite high school experiences. Before attending the college tour, Latrice said she was unsure about whether she was going to go to college or not, but going on the tour gave her the motivation to stay focused and determined because she was able to get a sense of what college is actually like. Latrice said that before the tour “I was 56% sure about going to college, but after the tour I was 100%!”

Latrice said the entire college application process was very stressful, but if it wasn’t for her Senior Seminar class, she probably would not have applied to 7 different colleges. She said Senior Seminar helped because “it really broke down college, and the whole class was focused on that one thing instead of jumping from place to place.” She also explained that if she had not had Senior Seminar this year, “I would have been all over the place. I would have been unorganized, would not have filled out as many applications, and would probably end up going to a 2-year college.”

Now that Latrice is approaching graduation and preparing to begin college in the fall, she knows she will remember all of the hard work she has put in, and she is looking forward to “growing up and experiencing a new side of education.”