Leoncio Senior Student at Sullivan

Leoncio, a senior at Roger C. Sullivan High School, has a lot to look forward to in the coming year. As he prepares for graduation in just a couple of months, he takes time to reflect on his high school experience, the people who supported him the most and his future plans.

Through watching his dad work on cars he became interested in learning more about car maintenance. The first generation college student will attend Truman College in the fall to study Automotive Technology. Leoncio decided to attend Truman College for a variety of reasons. Truman College offers a four year program for Automotive Technology, which was very appealing because it’s an affordable option and is close to home.

Mr. Smith, Sullivan’s Senior Seminar teacher, voluntarily took a group of students including Leoncio one Saturday morning to Truman College so they could ask important questions and learn more about the programs they have to offer. Through Umoja’s Senior Seminar curriculum, Mr. Smith has worked with Sullivan seniors throughout the year to help them take the necessary steps to become high school graduates and future college students. Leoncio vividly recalls learning about how to build a resume and cover letter, the FAFSA application process and how to appropriately answer questions during an interview. Without Senior Seminar, Leoncio expresses, “I would feel left out because if I didn’t know all the stuff I’m learning in Senior Seminar, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

The future mechanic dreams of opening up his own auto repair shop one day, which is a real possibility, given the support he’s received from his family and his personal motivation. Leoncio drops a few words of wisdom for the incoming senior class, “Focus on what you have to do; don’t let anyone stand in your way.”