Lindsay Chim

150503-devilslake-fam-crop.jpgLindsay Chim has been a part of Umoja's family since 2013 as a Board member and her employer, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has been involved with Umoja for more than 10 years! Hear a little from Lindsay about her involvement:

1. How did you learn about Umoja and why did you decide to join the Board of Directors? 

I heard about the organization through the work that BCG has been doing with Umoja over the years. I was impressed by, and am extremely proud of, what the organization has been able to accomplish and the way that it has evolved. The organization has grown and become much more sophisticated and focused. 

2. What makes Umoja unique?

Umoja does not play favorites and does not cherry pick students. Umoja truly embodies the “All Students. All Schools.” message. It is impressive that Umoja has chosen to solve educational equity, one of the hardest problems we face today, by taking it head on in neighborhood schools where the need and challenge is greatest. 

3. How has BCG been involved with Umoja? 

Over the years BCG has done three pro bono strategy projects for Umoja. The first one was about how to synthesize the value proposition of Umoja’s success at Manley and migrating to a more systematic model. The second one was around articulating the Social Return on Investment and building the story around the true impact of the work Umoja has done. Umoja is a perfect client in terms of engaging us in strategic questions and running full steam ahead with the recommendations. For example, our most recent partnership was around taking what we have proven to work in our current footprint and bringing it to more schools to strengthen social impact.

4. What is your vision for Umoja’s future?

Achieving scale and owning the conversation about holistic student development, particularly Restorative Justice.

I want to see us expand and scale our model. We are well on our way with a complete curriculum and renewed focus on enabling teachers and staff at schools to implement the work themselves. I can see us expanding the list of schools we support year by year. It is about enhancing the reach and impact.

Finally, I would like to see Umoja be THE “go to” expert on holistic student development. Umoja is well placed to own the conversation at a national level because of its depth of experience based on decades of real on-the-ground work with students.