Customized Support

No two schools are alike. Our team tailors a variety of supports to align with school goals and structures. Support can include facilitation of Communities of Practice for staff, coaching designed for a variety of school teams including Culture & Climate and Postsecondary Leadership, administrative thought partnership, and monthly Seminar check-in meetings.


Communities of Practice

Umoja’s Community of Practice (CoP) support is an excellent complement to professional development workshops. Through a CoP, staff incubate new concepts learned in workshops and personalize them for their school culture. Facilitated by Umoja staff, members of the learning community meet on a regular basis throughout the school year to celebrate successes and troubleshoot challenges through a wide variety of interactive activities and collaborative protocols. Brought together by their common goal to deepen their professional practice and improve school culture, CoPs are a meaningful way to create professional and personal bonds among staff.

Below are examples of customized support for Communities of Practice:

    • Protocols for Exploring Challenges
    • Individual & Group Reflection
    • Circles of Support
    • Peer-to-Peer Coaching
    • Role Playing & Feedback Protocols

Postsecondary Leadership Team Coaching

PLTs are a critical driver for school-wide postsecondary culture. Umoja's staff supports teams with the skills, resources, and mindsets necessary to shape schoolwide change. We bring 20 years of experience serving students and schools to acheive postsecondary goals and have developed many signature approaches. Umoja promotes an inclusive vision in which no distinctions must be made between the skills needed to achieve success in both college and career. We will help your PLT to create a culture where all students graduate with a postsecondary plan that includes education and training after high school.

Below are examples of customized support for PLTs:

    • Resources and trainings to host postsecondary events such as Freshman Days of Action, Senior Decision Days, College & Career Fairs, or College Exposure Tours
    • Aligning KPIs and MTSS metrics to PLT initiatives
    • Creation of team roles, responsibilities, and standing agenda items
    • Establishing & supporting working subgroups
    • Identifying measures of success and establishing culture-buildling priorities

Culture & Climate TEAM COACHING

Culture Teams have the power to fundamentally impact the way a school ‘does business.’ Through a restorative, student-centered lens, Umoja staff can support your school’s culture team to create systems and structures that support student’s social and emotional education. A signature approach of our culture work involves the use of circle practice to promote shared understandings and equity of voice within the team. By supporting culture teams to ‘walk their talk,’ the work of the team will be more compassionate and impactful.

Below are examples of customized support for Culture Teams:

    • Leadership policy circles
    • Creation of Culture Team statement of purpose
    • Aligning KPIs and MTSS metrics to team initiatives
    • Creation of team roles, responsibilities, and standing agenda items
    • Establishing and supporting working subgroups
    • Data analysis of key metrics/program goals
    • Revision of systems and structures to ensure greater fidelity of implementation

Administrative Thought Partnership

It’s lonely—and busy—at the top! We know principals, APs, deans, and other team leaders are called upon to balance multiple projects and priorities while maintaining and promoting a unifying vision. Umoja staff serves as an administrator’s compassionate ear and strategic supporter, blending an inquiry-based approach with consulting. We focus on supporting the implementation of social and emotional supports and disciplinary interventions to achieve school culture goals. Administrative thought partnership is therefore an excellent complement to professional development courses by helping administrators to envision the systems and structures that support new practices.

Below are examples of customized support for administrators:

    • Phone/video/in-person consultation to accomodate administrators' busy schedules
    • Identify measurements of success and establish culture building priorities
    • Develop systems and structures for in-school suspension, referral systems, SB-100 documentation
    • Leadership policy circles
    • Agenda development for leadership teams

Monthy Seminar Check-In Meetings

Staff who facilitate Umoja’s Seminar curriculum need and deserve regular support to ensure their success. Monthly check-ins are a completely customized space where Seminar teachers and counselors who support the course can get their needs met. At year’s end, Seminar staff who participated in monthly check-ins report feeling “highly supported” by Umoja staff to manage the rigors of facilitation. It is this sustaining adult mentorship relationship that mirrors the type of support that Seminar facilitators are called to offer students.

Below are examples of customized support for Seminar staff: 

    • Examining student work to assess levels of mastery
    • Creating pacing calendars
    • Tips for modifying and adapting curriculum
    • Facilitation coaching 
    • Project-based instruction coaching
    • Establishing and evaluating SEL metrics
    • Academic check-in coaching

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