Sonjanita Moore Social Emotional Learning Manager | Lead, Content Development | Site: Sarah E. Goode STEM Academy

Sonjanita (she/her/hers) joined Umoja in January 2015. 

Sonjanita has more than 25 years of experience in the education & nonprofit sectors facilitating learning, creating educational resources and developing adult and youth stakeholders. During that time, she taught over 30 different secondary/post-sec courses; served as a master teacher to over 40 student teachers from area universities; worked with area museums & local CBOs. As an Ed. Specialist, Sonjanita has worked with public, private, charter & alternative schools, served as a Board Member for Kuumba Lynx & the Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce and was Co-Managing Editor of The Chi-Town LowDown newspaper. She is a Fulbright Specialist, a certified Ed Specialist and a National Board Certified teacher. Sonjanita is dedicated to creating learning spaces that support intergenerational collaboration and promote intellectual and social-emotional development for youth and adult learners. 

Sonjanita began her career at Umoja as an SEL Specialist supporting several Umoja partner schools and is now an SEL Manager at Sarah E. Goode Stem Academy, supporting Junior and Senior Seminar classes. In addition to her school-based work, Sonjanita will be leading the effort to update the current Seminar Curriculum content and innovate in the creation of new curriculum and training content.