November 10, 2014

5 Ways Umoja is Growing our Impact

School_Bulletin.jpg1. Umoja is implementing two new Peace Rooms at Tilden Career Community Academy High School (Tilden) and Lincoln Park High School! Restorative Justice Specialist, Kristin McKay, has this to say, “The Peace Room at Lincoln Park is an opportunity for the school to create even stronger interpersonal bonds between students and staff that work to create a more cohesive sense of community throughout the four learning programs at the school. Additionally, when conflict does inevitably happen between people at Lincoln Park, the Peace Room engages all involved in a process that teaches new skills and empowers stakeholders at Lincoln Park to approach conflict more proactively.” 

2. Umoja has our Senior Seminar curriculum in two additional schools and has expanded to include two new Freshman Seminar classes and one new Sophomore Seminar class. Brittani Williams, Tilden 2014 graduate and current freshman at Western Illinois University shared: “Senior Seminar really helped me figure out which college was best for me. It also gave me the space and help I needed to complete a lot of college and scholarship applications.” Seminar partners include: Tilden, South Shore International College Preparatory High School, Manley Career Academy High School, Al Raby School for Community and Environment, and Roger C. Sullivan High School.

3. The Umoja Fellowship for Educational Excellence and Leadership (UFEEL) has officially launched this school year! UFEEL focuses on professional de-velopment and on-the-ground support to the cohort of dedicated Seminar teachers who empower students to confidently claim their futures through Umoja’s Seminar classes. The fellowship serves as an essential support and professional development system for Seminar teachers.

4. Umoja is providing professional development and training for 10 additional CPS schools through our In-School Suspension (ISS) curriculum and Advisory best practices! Each school will receive 100 hours of support from an Umoja “coach.” Both ISS and Advisory incorporate and are grounded in Umoja restorative practices.

5. Through bringing new adult volunteers and current college students into our partner high schools! Umoja is currently seeking volunteers for our upcoming Senior Day of Action (SDA) event at Tilden on Wednesday, December 10th. Spend the morning with our seniors sharing your personal journey after high school and providing feedback on students’ personal statements or resumes.