June 15, 2016

Congratulations, Class of 2016!Chdn7hFU8AAgesA.jpg

Let's celebrate our students!

  • 1,400 seniors (double our impact from last year) received support from Umoja in Senior Seminars at six schools.
  • 3,275 college applications submitted by seniors across Umoja's partner schools.
  • 86% of seniors have submitted their financial aid application (FAFSA) across Umoja's partner schools.
  • 91% of seniors applied to three or more colleges across Umoja's partner schools. 
  • 100% of seniors at Sullivan High School were accepted into college. File_003.jpeg

Let's hear directly from some of our seniors and what's next for them post-graduation:

Clinton, Wendell Phillips Academy High School

School attending: Bradley University

“Umoja Senior Seminar has helped me prepare for my life after high school by teaching me that nothing is impossible to accomplish. Although it will be challenging after high school, Umoja has made me believe that I have the potential to make my dreams a reality."


Sulaiman, Wendell Phillips Academy High School

School attending: Illinois Tech

“Umoja Senior Seminar has made me more relaxed and optimistic about going to college without coming out in debt. I wish these lessons would have been taught last year when I was beginning my application process.”


Danuta, Sullivan High School

School attending: Governors State University (Presidential Scholarship)

“Advice for incoming seniors: As long as you have perseverance and the will to make something out of your future life, you will be noticed and successful.”


Zuleikha, Sullivan High School

School attending: Cardinal Stritch University

“At first, I was not sure that it would be a good fit for me, but having conversations

with my Senior Seminar teacher, Mr. Smith and my College and Career coach, Ms. Ciok, I was assured that accepting the wonderful offer was the right thing for me.”


Yasmine, Gage Park High School

School attending: Lehigh University

“Senior seminar helped me by making it easier to mentally transition from high school expectations to college.”

We are incredibly proud of you, Class of 2016!

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