January 10, 2013

Volunteers Inspire Students at Tilden Senior Day of Action

Umoja volunteer working with Tilden studentOn December 13, 2012 professionals from Chicago spent a morning working with seniors at Tilden Career Community Academy, one of Umoja’s partner schools.

Over 30 volunteers worked one-on-one with 80 students by helping them navigate the college application process. Faced with difficult decisions about where to apply, Tilden students had an opportunity to interact 1-1 with professionals as they explored different colleges and universities throughout the country.

Dedicated volunteers helped make the college application process easier for students while giving them a unique opportunity to connect with college graduates who understand the application process. The event also gave students a chance to sit in on a college alumni panel with current and recently graduated college students. The alumni, from similar communities, were able to share personal insights about their experiences in college, which helped the students understand how to overcome challenges and succeed in college.

When thinking about the morning, one Tilden senior noted, “It helped me want to go to college and made me want to do more with my future after I get out of high school. They told me things I really didn’t know before.”

Experiences like this are not possible without Umoja’s partners and volunteers! Visit our Partner Page for more information about how to get involved with Umoja.